Argot Issue 2 Released!

In this issue:

Poems by Charlotte Geater, Thow Xin Wei, Sharlene Teo, Audsley King, Aditi Machado and Niall Spooner-Harvey.

Fiction by Stephanie Campisi.

Commentary by Cyril Wong.

Plus an interview with poet Teng Qian Xi.

ARGOT, Issue 2

Click to download (or right-click and select Save File.)

(If you don’t have the Adobe Reader, download it here.)

Argot is also available in print form; information on where you can get it (for free, as always) will soon be announced on our website.

Argot website
Argot Facebook group


3 thoughts on “Argot Issue 2 Released!

  1. I picked up your Argot 2 from Arts canteen. And boys, it was good. You guys did some really excellent editorial job. Keep up the good work and hope to see Argot 3 soon!

    +Med staff+

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