NUS Literary Society Welcome Tea Follow Up

Dear everyone,

To those who attended the session  yesterday, a really big thank you for coming (: We hope you’ve found the session useful.

To those who have missed the session, do not worry. I will bring you through what we have talked about below:

1) Litsoc Activities

Major Events:
Creative Writing Competition (CWC) is held annually in Semester 1 from the period of October to November.

Evening of Poetry and Music Appreciation (EPM) is held annually in Semester 2. Prize presentation ceremony for CWC will happen here. Prize winners will also read their works. There will be music performances as well. Please refer to the EPM section on our facebook group to check out the pictures.

Other Events:
Litsoc Bazaar
Collaboration with NDBC for All In! Young Writers’ Seminar
Movie screening sessions
Writing/Discussion sessions (to be planned for the AY2010/2011)

2) Exco Positions available for running
The committee is in charge of running the various events mentioned above. The following positions are available for running:

i) Honorary General Secretary-cum-Publicity (takes charge of minutes and publicity)
ii) Publications head (takes charge of the literary magazine)
iii) Welfare Head (takes charge of movie screening and discussion sessions)
iv) Subcommittee (takes charge of helping out the committee for the events)

If you are interested in any of the positions above, please do drop us an email at

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will held next Monday, 23 August 2010, 6 p.m. at the Literary Society Room. Our gathering point is at Block ADM Level 4, where the ez-link top up machine is. We will then bring you to our litsoc room (: During this meeting, we will be forming our new committee, as well as set our target for the new academic year ahead.

So please feel free to join us next Monday to meet the new committee as well as fellow literary enthusiasts! (:

Best Regards,
Man Ying
President 2009/2010
NUS Literary Society


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