Creative Writing Competition 2010

The Creative Writing Competition 2010 is now open, and the deadline for submission is 1 Dec 2010. The judge for poetry is Alvin Pang, while Ovidia Yu will be judging prose and poetry. The entrance fee is waived this year, so do download the entry form here and unleash your quill.

For more details, please visit our Creative Writing Competition 2010 page.

Creative Writing Competition 2010 Poster
Creative Writing Competition 2010 Poster

7 thoughts on “Creative Writing Competition 2010

  1. the rules stipulate that entries must have been previously unpublished, electronically or otherwise. does that mean that original blog entries(say, for poetry) will be disqualified?

    1. Dear Victoria, a number of participants have asked about this over the years on our cwc page (

      Our stance on this has been quite consistent. To quote Chuan (way back in 2006):

      “No, we won’t consider that (blog entry) published. Thus, if you submit a piece you have written on your blog, you do so at your own risk: if, for instance, you claim that someone else’s entry was lifted from your blog, we would have no way of verifying the claim. We would thus have to accept that person’s entry.

      Exceptions include any recognized collections of poetry online, that are readily retrievable by the general public. It is not advisable for anyone to plagiarize from these sources, since we would find out quite easily!

      My advice is to lock the relevant posts on your blog, until the competition is over.”

    1. Hi Da Xiang,

      I’ve replied to you via email but I thought I’d post the relevant parts here for everyone to refer to:

      You can use a pseudonym if you wish. However, the pseudonym cannot be included in the hard copy – the hard copy is to be sent to the judges, and any way of identification cannot be present. A pseudonym can in certain cases be quite distinctive.*

      However, if you wish to adopt a pseudonym, we will attribute the work in our publications and our website (if you win again this year) to it instead of your real name. Just make a note on your competition form when you submit it.

      * A note of clarification – I had assumed that the pseudonym is for you as the author, i.e. a nom de plume. If you meant a name when writing in-character as the persona, such as “a sad boy” at the end of a poem, or “a housewife from Ang Mo Kio” at the end of a prose, and the inclusion of the name is essential in contributing meaning to your work, then that is another matter and can be allowed.

      In any case, please include your real name on the competition form so we know who to contact.

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