NUS ELL Freshmen Orientation Camp 2011

Calling out to all freshmen! The NUS Literary Society is holding a 2 Days 1 Night freshmen orientation camp on 12 July 2011.

If you:
are planning to major/minor/take some courses in English Language, English Literature or Theatre Studies (aka ELL) in NUS;
wish to make new friends and potential coursemate before the academic year starts;
want to meet seniors who will share advice regarding which modules to take (and which to avoid);

join us at our camp! Register at:


Hi all, please download, print out and bring the indemnity form to the camp. There are two different forms: U21 and 21(and above). Please select the form according to your age. Thanks! 🙂

Ell FOC U21 Indemnity Form


Ell FOC 21 Indemnity Form



NUS ELL FOC 2011 – Details

Okay, this post is where we list out more details for our English Language and Literature Freshment Orientation Camp 2011. Phew, that’s a mouthful! We are still in the process of finalising our plans, so things may change (but probably not by much).

– We welcome everyone, regardless of faculty, as long as you’re a freshman and you have an interest in Literature/Linguistics/Theatre Studies. We’d have a nice mixture of literary stuff and fun camp stuff!
– The $15 fee includes an ELL T-Shirt.
– Meals are not included, but we’ll be eating in the NUS canteens so it shouldn’t cost too much.
– There is a one-night sleepover in NUS (tentative venue is LT8). Bring your sleeping bags!
– There will be a CORS presentation by seniors, including which modules to take and which not to take. NUS has a modular system where you bid for the courses that you take every semester. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.
– NUS is built on a ridge which gives it the nickname of National University of Stairs. Thus, knowing shortcuts will make your life a lot easier. We’d have a guided tour of how to criss-cross the campus in the least exhausting way possible!
– Board games, card games, you won’t be bored!
– More details will be made known as we finalise our itinerary.