Creative Writing Competition 2014

Dear friends,

Submissions for the Creative Writing Competition are now open. Do note that the closing date for soft-copy entries is 31st December 2013, 2359 hrs, while the deadline for hard-copy submissions is 5th January 2014.

This year, there are three categories for submissions – poetry, prose and plays. We are pleased to announce that the judges for the three categories are Felix Cheong, Su-Chen Christine Lim and Verena Tay respectively.

Felix Cheong is a poet and a recipient of the National Arts Council (NAC) Young Artist Award for Literature in 2000. An active promoter of the Singapore literary arts scene, he currently works as a freelance writer and is also the chief editor for art-e, an ezine by the LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts.

Su-Chen Christine Lim is one of Singapore’s leading novelists. In 2012, she received the Southeast Asia Write Award for her body of work. Her new novel, The River’s Song, will be launched during the Singapore Writers’ Festival 2013, and in London 2014.

Verena Tay has spent 25 years acting, directing and writing for local English-language theatre in Singapore. She created various solo and collaborative performances, often based on original, self-written material, while as an Associate Artist with The Substation (2002‒09).

Do read the submission guidelines thoroughly when submitting your work(s). The entry form can be downloaded here:


21 thoughts on “Creative Writing Competition 2014

    1. We would advise that you remove them or change the settings to private until after the competition and your works get published in Symbal should you win.

  1. I submitted a short story to Singapore Read! 2013 Competition, but the results are not out yet. Can I submit the same story to this competition?

    1. Dear Crystal,

      Unfortunately, you are not allowed to submit the story unless the results are out and you did not win that competition.

  2. Merry Christmas!

    According to the above post students are not allowed to enter if they’ve won 2nd or 3rd prize before. What if it’s an ex-prize recipient’s final year and he wants to try for the top prize? It seems as though he’s getting penalised in this case for placing 2nd or 3rd. Maybe it would be better to limit this rule to 1st place winners instead, as with the Golden Point Award and other local competitions? (Just a suggestion.)

  3. Dear q,
    Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll pass along the feedback for the next committee to consider when planning the next installment of CWC.

  4. Hello to the Committee! I have sent my submissions for the writing competition in 2 separate emails, but have not received a confirmation reply for the second email, wondering if my submission will be accepted? By the way, the deadline for the hard copy submissions is today, but there aren’t any postman on Sunday, so will I be disqualified if I post it today but the postman collects it only tomorrow? Thanks!

    1. Hi Charis,

      We have sent you two confirmation replies. Your entry will not be disqualified but please remember to submit your entries punctually should you participate in CWC in future.

      Thank you.

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