Presenting…the winners of CWC 2015!

Here are the talented and lucky winners of CWC 2015!

Congratulations to all winners and a great big thank you to all who bravely tried their hand at writing! We hope all of you had a great time at EPM 2015, and thank you once again for making this event possible.


First Prize: Jedidiah Huang Qi, Resistance

Second Prize: Tong Jia Jun, Keith, Fragmented

Third Prize: Lee Xue Ning Vanessa, The Day the Stars Died

Honourable Mention: Tommy Khywnn Looi, Nightfall

Honourable Mention: Alison Tee Xin Yi, Thinking of the Window


First Prize: Kevin Martens Wong Zhi Qiang, A Merlion for His Majesty

Second Prize: Wu Xueting, A Torrential Rush of Colours

Third Prize: Alison Tee Xin Yi, Sadhana and the Whale

Honourable Mention: Ho Ching Yee, Greener Grass

Honourable Mention: Alison Tee Xin Yi, The Impossibility of Apostasy

Honourable Mention: Jolene Gina Abelarde, Middle Ground

Honourable Mention: Tan Tiang Pong Justin, The Great Oegel of Calais

Honourable Mention: Alexandria Nicole Schoon, Cyanide (the pathway home)

Honourable Mention: Regina Fong Cai Ru, Understated Juxtaposition of a Dream


Second Prize: Gina Chew Xin Yu, Love and Other Crazy Things and Waking Up From Life