About Us

The NUS Literary Society has a long tradition that both supports and extends the work of the Department of English Language and Literature among students in Singapore.

Although its core members are university undergraduates, its aims have always been to share the powerful experience of literary culture with a wider audience of young readers and aspiring writers.

Signature events organised annually by the Society include the Evening of Poetry and Music and the Creative Writing Competition. Partnering with organizations such as the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS), the Society has played an integral role in promoting the literary culture in Singapore. On campus, our inaugural student-led campus-literary discussions, kick-started in 2010, covered a myriad of topics which include: the evolution of Pop songs to postmodernism to Gender in SouthAsian movies. As of 2013, we are hosting regular book club sessions, and continually seek to expand our portfolios.

Prominent Singaporean writers who have been part of the Society’s history as advisors, contributors or student leaders include Edwin Thumboo, Arthur Yap, Lee Tzu Pheng, Leong Liew Geok, Boey Kim Cheng, Felix Cheong, Heng Siok Tian, Paul Tan, Aaron Lee, Grace Chia and Cyril Wong.

You may be an English major, or you may not be, so long as you have a passion for the Literary and wish to nurture it amongst peers – join us in the NUS Literary Society!

The leadership of the Society for Academic Year 2013/2014 is:

Executive Committee:

President –  Shen Jiayi

Vice-President – Tan Tiang Pong Justin

Honorary General Secretary – Walter Chan

Treasurer-Vicki Tay

Publicity Executive – Deanna Lim

Publications Executive – Charmaine Tay

Vice-Publications Executive – Somya Jain

Vice-Publications Executive – Tan Sue-Ann

Faculty advisor:
Dr Gilbert Yeoh (Current Advisor)

If you are interested in joining the NUS Literary Society or wish to participate in any of its events, do email us at nusliterarysociety(at)gmail(dot)com

Exco Positions for NUS Literary Society

President/ Senior Vice-President

  • to represent the society in external events
  • to supervise the exco in the normal functioning of the society
  • to run the Annual General Meeting and facilitate the election of the next exco

Honorary General Secretary

  • to record and circulate the minutes of meetings to all exco members
  • to track the attendance of all members for events and compile them for the Residents’ Admission Scheme at the end of the year
  • to lead and supervise the Publicity Subcommittee in managing the society’s account on the various social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, E-mail correspondences, advertising with external organizations
  • liaises with the ELL Department and OSA for publicity purposes
  • to collaborate with the Internal Events Officer in advertising internal events where necessary
  • to act as co-signer with the Treasurer to manage the society’s financial accounts

Honorary General Treasurer

  • to ensure that proper financial records are kept and the tax returns are submitted every year
  • to ensure that the use of the society’s funds is fair and transparent to all members
  • to act as co-signer with the Secretary to manage the society’s financial accounts
  • to allocate the budget for events organized by the society
  • to lead and supervise the Finance and Sponsorship Subcommittee in contacting external organizations for prizes or souvenirs for events

Internal Events Officer

  • to lead and supervise the Internal Events Subcommittee in organizing events, including the Freshmen Orientation Programme, for the NUS community, the society’s members or both
  • to supervise the Interest Subunits in their organizing the Get-Together sessions

Publications Executive

  • to lead and supervise the Symbal Editorial Team in managing and editing submissions, and designing the layout of Symbal issues
  • to guide the Interest Subunits in generating content for Symbal


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