Upcoming Activities in Semester 1!

It’s the start of the new semester again, and we have a slew of activities and updates for you!

First off,


Pretty much what it says on the poster. If you’ve any interest in the literary arts at all (or better yet, already plan to take a course in English Literature, Linguistics, or Theatre Studies), we would like to get to know you. Come on down and meet like-minded people whom you’ll come to call friends in the years to come.

And secondly,


Like to talk about books? Come and join us for our book club sessions. This semester, we talk about contemporary classics and bestsellers – five of them in five separate sessions!

For the first session on The Handmaid’s Tale, the details are as follows:

Date: 16 Aug 2013

Time: 4.30pm – 6pm

Venue: NUS Literary Society Room, AS5/0302

*The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the texts in the module EN4241 Utopias and Dystopias. Kill two birds with one stone by coming down for the session!

We’re not done yet!


Once again, the poster says it all! Aspiring poets can do much worse than to come and pick the brains of our established poet, Jerrold Yam. If you’re coming, do buy a drink from Starbucks as thanks for lending us the lovely venue.

And finally,


If you don’t know already, this is the design for this year’s NUS ELL student t-shirt! It’s $12 each. Proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go into funding the activities we’ll be running for you throughout the year ahead! If you’re interested, you can order yours at this link:
The size chart is as follows:


Photos of the sample is available on our Facebook page:

And that’s what we have planned for the first half of the semester. If there’s anything else you would like to see implemented, do drop us a note at nusliterarysociety@gmail.com or better yet, come down to the Welcome Tea and tell us in person.

Have a wonderful semester ahead!


The Booktique Short Fiction Challenge 2013

The Booktique Short Fiction Challenge 2013

Booktique is organizing a short fiction challenge to promote creative writing to aspiring writers! Using the prompt (a photograph), write a story of about 2000 words and submit it to them by 15 July. There’s a total of 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablets to be won by the top entries in two categories.

For more information on the rules of the competition, do check out the link. Good luck!

Book Club Sessions in AY2013-2014 Semester 1!


Hi all,

We’ll be hosting a series of book club sessions in the first few weeks of the new semester in AY2013-2014!

If you haven’t read those books (see poster) before,  do so over the holidays and join us for the sessions when the semester begins! It’ll be an opportunity to discuss these wonderful books and also meet other literary-minded individuals (especially all the starry-eyed freshmen).

More details will be provided closer to the start of the semester, but you should probably start on those books now*. We’ll see you when school starts!

*Hint: Kinokuniya is having a 20% store-wide discount for all customers this weekend! 

Evening of Poetry and Music 2013


Dear friends,

The Evening of Poetry and Music will be held on the first of March this year!

As part of our long-standing tradition, we will be inviting the winners of the Creative Writing Competition 2012 to read excerpts from their winning entry. We have also invited local music artists For This Cycle and Jonathan Meur to perform during the evening. NUS Improv will also be performing an item as well.

Entry for the event is free-of-charge. However, we will be implementing a pay-as-you-please system at the end of the event.. Do come down and join us for a wonderful evening!

P.S. Due to their busy schedules, our judges are still reading your CWC entries. We will post the results here when it’s all in, so watch this space. Our apologies for the delay!



Competition Guidelines
This competition is open ONLY to NUS undergraduates
Participants can only send ONE work for each genre (i.e. they are encouraged to send in their best work)
Poetry: No longer than one page
Prose: No more than 2000 words
All works submitted should be original and have not been published anywhere else (this includes personal blogs).
All works are to be sent as an email attachment to symbalmagazine@gmail.com in a .doc file.
Strictly NO PDFs
Kindly order the e-mail’s title as follows: ‘Musings Submission: < title of piece>’.
Your email should contain your name, faculty and matriculation number.
The top 3 pieces and 2 honourable mentions will be selected to be published in Symbal Magazine.
Symbal will have first publishing rights. All rights revert to the author upon publication.
We would appreciate if you could mention that your work was first published in Symbal magazine should you send it to other journals for consideration after the competition.
Submissions that fail to abide by the guidelines will be disregarded.

Creative Writing Competition 2012


UPDATE: The official  submission deadline for the CWC is over. Those who have sent in the soft copy of their work(s) should ensure that the hard copy is sent to the NUS Literary Society’s mail-box by 5th December 2012.

Dear friends,

Submissions for the Creative Writing Competition are now open.

This year, there are three categories for submissions – poetry, prose and plays. We are pleased to announce that the judges for the three categories are Edwin Thumboo, Jason Erik Lundberg, and Tan Tarn How respectively.

Professor Edwin Thumboo is a poet with many awards to his name, including the Cultural Medallion (1979) and S.E.A Write Award (1979). He is widely considered to be a pioneer of English Literature in Singapore who has contributed much as a poet and academic.

Jason Erik Lundberg is a Singapore-based author who is a man of many talents: he has written numerous books and short stories, founded LONTAR, a quarterly literary journal and together with his wife, runs a critically-acclaimed press, Two Cranes Press.

Tan Tarn How is an award-winning playwright whose plays have been staged in Singapore and Hong Kong. His most recent play to have been staged is Fear of Writing in 2011. He is also involved in policy research as a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Policy Studies (Singapore).

Do read the submission guidelines thoroughly when submitting your work(s). The document can be downloaded here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/14KaMNbdw6NNOIdV-cBD_qwLv5G3CyFPtGzKQoSF2Qq4/edit

Call For Submissions: Symbal Issue 3

NUS Literary Society would like to call for submissions for the third issue of Symbal – our online creative writing publication – which will be launched at the end of September. We are open to prose, poetry, dramatic extracts, articles and treatises from both undergraduate and graduate students studying in Singapore, tertiary students (JC/Poly/IB Year 5 onwards) as well as NSFs.

The theme for this issue will be ‘Southeast Asia’. Writers are free to contemplate anything from the Petronas Towers to the romanticised exoticism of the Orient; from today’s chilli crab, palm oil, and modern skylines to sundry Victorians who found themselves here despite thinking the climate most insalubrious.

Kindly send all your works to symbalmagazine@gmail.com and put “Submissions: <title of work>” in the subject field.

The closing date for entries will be 16 September.

Kindly refer to http://symbal.zxq.net/?page_id=16 for Symbal’s guidelines for submission.

The Literary Society wishes you a fruitful and inspirational semester!

Welcome Tea 2012!

Hello to all!

NUS Literary Society is having a Welcome Tea for freshmen and undergraduates with an interest in all things literary! It’ll be at 6pm on 17 August 2012 in AS5/0309. Do come down for this evening and get to know more awesome people! (like us) You can also find out more about the activities we’ll be having this semester too.

Join us as we make the literary experience social!

NUS Literary Society Social Camp 2012!


Freshmen, take heed! The NUS Literary Society is organizing a 2 Days, 1 Night Social Camp on 30 June 2012. Do come and have fun with fellow freshmen with the same passion for all things literary! Not only will the camp be fun, it’ll also be useful as we’ll bring you through the CORS bidding system, and show you the routes around NUS! Those who are planning to major, minor or take courses in English Language, English Literature or Theatre Studies can also meet seniors who will share advice on the modules and professors.

Sign up by filling up the registration form here! You will receive a reply from us within 3 working days after you’ve submitted your registration. For inquiries, do e-mail us at nusliterarysociety@gmail.com.

Do note the following:
– Do bring along with you the fees and a hard copy of the signed indemnity form, which can be downloaded here. Failure to do so will mean that we cannot let you participate in the camp. Sorry!
– The amount you pay will go into the meals that will be provided during the camp.
– It is highly recommended that you bring along toiletries and a sleeping bag for spending the night.

Call for Submissions!

Fancy Seeing Yourself In Print?

NUS Literary Society is collaborating with NTU Epiphany to publish a joint-tertiary hard-copy anthology*. Send in your entries by 10th May 2012! All entries will be reviewed by a team of editors. Selected submissions will be compiled into a manuscript and published as part of an anthology showcasing only the very best of student works!

The guideline for submissions are as follows:

  • We are accepting poetry and prose of no longer than 5000 words
  • Photography, illustrations and any other form of visual art are welcome as well
    • To be submitted in a digital format of at least 300dpi
    • Should be accompanied with a title and an optional write-up of no more than 200 words
  • Do include your full name, institute of education, and contact number.
  • Deadline of submissions: 10th May 2012
  • All submissions should be sent to symbalmagazine@gmail.com. Kindly highlight that the submission is intended for the anthology.
  • NUS Literary Society will be accepting only submissions from current students (undergraduates and graduate students) of NUS
  • Students retain the rights to the works they submit, but are required that they do not submit them for any other publication until the project is complete

So write in and leave your print!

*Do note that there is no guarantee that the works will be published. However, should the hard copy anthology not come to fruition, the selected works will be published in NUS Literary Society’s online magazine Symbal.